I would like to thank the New Beginnings Home for Men for giving me another chance at life.  They gave me another chance with my kids and taught me how to live and deal with life without drugs.

New Beginnings is a great recovery home for anyone that is ready to leave the life of addiction behind and get in touch with their higher power.  They are connected with two of the best churches in the community.  New Beginnings helped me overcome my addiction and I am no longer an addict.  I’m a child of God.  They helped me get on my feet and become a productive member of society.  I started working while I was in the home and they had a class called FPU that helped me learn to manage my money and to tell it where to go.  I now have my own home and they helped me get my license and a vehicle.  I stay connected with the guys that are still in the home and go to church with them.  I got a lot going good for me and they are still a big part of my recovery today.

Prior to New Beginnings my life was unmanageable, and I had lost all Hope.  New Beginnings gave me my hope back and taught me how to manage everyday life.  Through New Beginnings I have regained my faith and learned the tools to live a happy, successful, sober life.

I came from a pretty rough past; bound by addiction and caught in a relationship that was physically, mentally, and emotionally abusive. I had lost everything, including my car, my home, my family, and my freedom. I came to the Marjorie Oakley Home straight out of prison. I was a little hesitant at first, but this is where my life changed. I found freedom. I made friends that I consider family and built a relationship with God that I wouldn’t trade for anything. This place changed my life! I would trust them to help my very own children. This house is built on God’s love.

I graduated from MOH in 2018. This program truly helped me to discover my worth and helped me learn how to be a successful member of society. After spending 10 years in heavy addiction, I was starting from nothing. I had to learn to live a normal life. They helped me to heal from my past and gave me the tools I needed to create a new future. I still live in Logan and stay involved with the women’s home and have made a family with Word of Life Church. Thanks to them and God, I am now 3 years clean. I have a wonderful family, an amazing husband and 2 beautiful kids. I just earned my associates degree and am now working towards my bachelor’s degree in substance abuse counseling. I have a great support system with the Recovery Group of Southern West Virginia.

When I went to the Marjorie Oakley Home for Women I was hopeless and had lost everything I love due to drug use. I made a choice to go into the program on December 17, 2019 and that was the best day of my life. I gained a relationship with Jesus, I have gained my kids back, and last but not least, I have gained joy and hope. The program also helped me gain my self-esteem and worth. It taught me how to be productive while being sober and to live life on life’s terms.

Through the program I learned that you put action behind what you say and always do the right thing even when no one’s watching. That you can recover and be a member of the community and be everything you was always afraid to be during addiction. Without the Program, Chris, Joey, Ricky, Ms. Lisa I’d be so far gone in the madness or maybe even dead.  You go into it as a stranger; lost, lonely, hopeless, no self-worth, no ambition, and feeling like you’re nothing.  You leave apart of a family, full of hope and joy, with peace in your heart.  Regained all self-worth, ready to conquer anything, even if mistakes come after it, because of the Program, I’ll never give up.

God is good!!! After suffering from a Substance Use Disorder for many years and time in prison I was released on parole to the Marjorie Oakley home For Women. The program and staff have supported me every step of the way. I was not only loved and cared for but taught how to live a successful and different way of life. Addiction is a spiritual illness. The Recovery Group of Southern West Virginia’s holistic approach helped me to overcome the disease. It is a faith-based organization, and God knew exactly where I needed to be. I healed and grew closer to God. While in the home the RGSWV provided me with training for Recovery coaching and ethics. I became a peer mentor while in the home. I graduated the home in July 2020 with my Driver’s License, a full-time job, and living independently. These are things I believe I never would have attained without God and the help, support, and guidance of the program. I now work for the West Virginia Reentry Council helping justice involved individuals and people in recovery. I have gone from hopelessness to purpose! Thank You RGSWV!

New Beginnings gave me a place to go where I was secluded from all my old friends, where I could get my affairs in order. With classes on relapse prevention and budgeting it let me see what it was like to not be struggling and succeed. I am very appreciative of the program and I recommend it to anyone who was in my situation.

The Recovery Group of Southern West Virginia has truly improved every aspect of my life!! They constantly encouraged me to set and reach goals, while providing a safe environment for me to focus on my recovery. When I came to Logan I was broken and hopeless. Today, I am happier and more successful than I have ever been in my life! This program made a huge impact on my life, and the Recovery Group continues to help me grow in all areas necessary for a successful recovery from addiction. I could write a whole book about all the ways my life has changed for the better because of the Recovery Group of Southern West Virginia.