About Us

The Recovery Group of Southern West Virginia is a 501(c)3 organization established to provide community and faith-based recovery programs.  The organization offers evidence-based practices that promote social and emotional well-being; prevention-approached, person-centered intervention; and self-directed and/or recovery-driven support services.

RGSWV owns and operates two (2) Level III Substance Use Recovery Residences located in Logan County, WV: New Beginnings Home for Men and the Marjorie Oakley Home for Women. Each facility is a 16-bed, faith-based, WVARR Certified, Level III Substance Recovery Residence, offering a number of services and supports to individuals who enter the program. Recovery facilities provide safe housing for individuals, ages 18 or older, who are recovering from substance use.  RGSWV is considered a long-term recovery residence (6-18 months).  The New Beginnings Home for Men was opened in July of 2014; the Marjorie Oakley Home for Women was opened in October of 2014.

RGSWV operates under the expertise and leadership of its Board of Directors composed of local community leaders, full-time Executive Director, and full-time Community Engagement Specialist.  The recovery residences are staffed 24/7 by Peer Recovery Support Specialists, Recovery Coaches, Technicians, or the Community Engagement Specialist.

Through strong partnerships with local organizations, RGSWV is able to provide or facilitate job training, financial literacy classes, high-school equivalency classes, assistance with college course enrollment, job readiness training, resume-building, transportation, training and certifications, and more.

If you have any questions about the RGSWV, please contact Joey McComas, Executive Director of RGSWV, by email at joey@recoveryswv.org or by phone at (304) 687-7903.

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